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V Formation is a Nottingham marketing consultancy that works with ambitious SMEs in the life sciences and high tech sectors, professional practices and family businesses.

Tel: 0115 787 0206 


Vaisala provides systems and services to reduce the risk posed by environmental deviations in your critical assets and work areas. Continuous monitoring of any sensitive environment helps you to meet your security and regulatory compliance needs.

Tel: 0121 683 5620


Tel: 01535 634 542


Highly committed and passionate Care Provider whose mission is to promote health and wellness in the home, and help families who are caring for a sick or elderly family member at home.

Tel: 020 3653 0321


Visual Business provides companies with professional and affordable video production services across the South West of England.

Tel: 07596 707 829


Pupiloscope enables rapid assessment of pupillary response, used in emergency services and A&E to rapidly assess patients with head injuries and traumatic brain injury.

Tel: 0115 7788 178