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WEAHSN is helping to deliver positive healthcare outcomes in the region and nationally by driving the development and adoption of new innovations and enabling patients to play an increasing role in their own care and of others.

Tel: 0117 900 2155


Assisted living and telehealth systems design and manufacture within Europe.

Tel: 0114 299 7318


Withers & Rogers advises on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights for inventions, trade marks, and designs.

Tel: 01926 310 700


Tel: 0121 371 8061


Previously the Diagnostic division of Systagenix, WOUNDCHEK™ Laboratories is focused on the development of novel wound diagnostics products to help improve therapeutic outcomes in wound care.

Tel: 01756 639 111


Manufacturer and convertor of polymer based foam and composite materials.

Tel: 01706 830 086