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Albumedix Drug Delivery Technology used by CSL Behring to Achieve 14 Day Dosing for Haemophilia B Therapy

Albumedix has announced that its albumin-based VELTIS® half-life extension technology is being used by CSL Behring in IDELVION®, a  therapy recently authorised for the treatment of haemophilia B in the U.S. The application of Albumedix’s VELTIS technology in the drug delivers an extended half-life which will improve the lives of patients living with the condition by reducing the frequency of injections up to once every 14 days. The U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, report that the condition affects approximately one in 25,000 male births.

“The adoption of Albumedix’s VELTIS technology by CSL Behring marks a further milestone for our half-life extension platform”, commented Peter Rosholm, CEO, Albumedix. “This announcement follows the successful use of the technology by GlaxoSmithKline in its Tanzeum® and Eperzan® branded therapies for type 2 diabetes. We consider the authorisation of IDELVION® as further proof that VELTIS can offer true benefits to patients in the area of haemophilia, significantly reducing the discomfort, side-effects and inconvenience associated with frequent drug dosing.”

VELTIS technology is a platform of native and engineered human albumins. When combined with a drug candidate it offers the potential for adaptive control of therapeutic half-life. The platform has the potential to significantly improve the treatment options available to haemophilia patients by maintaining the activity levels of therapeutics for prolonged periods and opening the door towards extended dosing intervals.

First generation VELTIS technology offers CSL Behring a highly versatile drug delivery platform that improves treatment options and patient quality of life. Albumedix also offers a second generation version of VELTIS, presenting new opportunities to optimize the pharmacokinetics and efficacy of peptides, proteins or small molecule drugs.

The European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has recently put IDELVION® forward for marketing authorisation. Approval in the EU and other territories is expected soon.

The authorisation announcement will not impact the 2016 financial forecast for Albumedix’s parent company, Novozymes.

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