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An energy efficient remote body temperature measuring device

A small Croatian company, active in the field of electrical engineering, computing, and information and communication technology, has developed a prototype of a device for continuous remote body temperature monitoring. The advanced technology consists of the wireless transfer of information to a central node via the human body.

This product is intended to be used by parents for measuring their children’s body temperature. The sensor is attached under the child’s armpit with a patch, whilst a bracelet can be worn on their wrist. The parent can continuously monitor the child’s body temperature through a mobile application. Additionally, the bracelet can be worn by the parent, in which case the information is displayed when the parent touches the child.

In order to manufacture the product and place it on the international market, the company offers its innovative system to companies that are already manufacturing and selling complementary products, chipset manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, smartwatch and smartphone manufacturers, manufacturers of digital thermometers and medical devices, and companies connected with end users (parents) under license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance. The cooperation would be realised through manufacturing or supplying key components and joint presence on the market (e.g. selling sensors that would be compatible with bracelets or other wearable devices made by the partner).

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please contact Mike Brown, quoting the reference number TOHR20180521001.


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