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Automatic positioning device for cutting tissue in biological samples

Spanish researchers from a public university have developed a new automatic device for positioning histological samples for cutting. It allows three-dimensional tissue cutting of biological samples in different levels and it is able to modify the cutting speed. The technology can be applied in research centres and hospitals, and will enhance progress in the field of neuroscience.

The new system consists of two containers with dimensions similar to those commonly used in conventional vibratomes, but which in turn includes an electromechanical system that provides the platform where the biological sample is deposited with the ability to move. This new system allows reorienting the sample under study by changing the inclination and/or rotation with which the microtome blade penetrates it.

The inventors have developed a prototype of the new automatic vibratome that is currently up and running and ready to be introduced in those companies that may be interested. They are looking for companies interested in establishing patent license agreements for use and/or marketing, and also companies or research centres to reach technical cooperation agreements for further developments.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please click here to email Mike Brown, quoting reference number TOES20170403002.

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