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Benchtop small sized systems for affordable in-vivo molecular imaging

A Greek SME with significant research and professional experience in the field of biomedical engineering and mainly in the emerging molecular imaging technology, has developed two novel systems for in-vivo molecular imaging.

Molecular imaging is now a standard, efficient tool in clinical and mainly preclinical research for the study of new drugs, biomolecules and nanoparticles. Based on that, the Greek company is focused on the use of radioisotopes to label and image those molecules. Although multimodal imaging systems exist, their purchase and maintenance costs are not affordable to the majority of small and medium research groups. Because of this, they are developing low cost, benchtop imaging systems, which can be easily acquired by any research team working in the field of biotechnology and medical research worldwide.

The Greek company is in need of finding partners from both academic and private sectors willing to adopt, deliver or further develop the proposed systems, and also provide feedback for optimization for new applications under the context of commercial agreements with technical assistance. Also, private partners are sought to further develop hardware, marketing and international presence, and the desired type of cooperation is a joint venture agreement.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please contact Mike Brown, click here to email and quote reference number TOGR20181012001.

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