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British Standards for hospital equipment out for review

The BSI committee for healthcare and medical equipment has a number of old standards currently out for their five year review. At the end of their review, the committee will need to decide whether to:

  • Confirm– this is a current and used British Standard
  • Revise- this is an out of date document and needs a full revision
  • Amend- the standard could benefit from a small update
  • Withdraw- the British Standard is no longer used

The BSI committee are keen to hear any feedback on this broad range of standards, and kindly ask that you complete this survey.

Please complete the survey for each standard shown below that you have an interest in. Alternatively you can directly contact Liz Osborne, Secretary to CH/100 Healthcare and medical equipment.

British Standards out for five year review

BS 5726: 2005. Microbiological safety cabinets. Information to be supplied by the purchaser to the vendor and to the installer, and siting and use of cabinets. Recommendations and guidance.

BS 3221-7: 1995. Medicine measures. Specification for oral syringes delivering doses up to and including 5ml.

BS 3215: 1995. Specification for reusable portable urinals.

BS 2891: 1992. Specification for operating table mattresses and mattress sections.

BS 2588-2: 1992. Portable sanitary pans for use in healthcare establishments. Specification for reusable pans for commode chairs.

BS 2588-1: 1992. Portable sanitary pans for use in healthcare establishments. Specification for reusable bed pans.

BS 2838-2: 1991. Examination and general treatment couches. Specification for variable height couches.

BS 1694:1990. Specification for hospital ward cots for children.

BS 1765-1: 1990. Hospital bedside lockers. Specification for general purpose bedside lockers for patients.

BS 2881: 1989. Specification for cupboards for the storage of medicines in health care premises.

BS 2881: 1989. Specification for alternating pressure air mattresses.

BS 7088: 1989. Specification for pneumatic tourniquet equipment

BS 2099:1989. Specification for castors for hospital equipment

BS 2838-1:1988. Examination and general treatment couches. Specification for fixed height couches.

BS 4886:1988.
 Specification for hospital bedsteads.

BS 6859-2:1987. Operating tables. Specification for fixed-pedestal general operating tables.

BS 6859-1:1987.
 Operating tables. Specification for mobile general operating tables.

BS 3221-6:1987. Medicine measures. Specification for free-standing plastics medicine measuring spoons of 5 ml capacity.

BS 1979:1985. Specification for hospital ward bedsteads for psychiatric hospitals.

BS 3221-1:1985. Medicine measures. Specification for medicine measures of 50 ml total graduated capacity.

BS 5853:1980. Specification for medicine trolleys.

BS 2718:1979. Specification for gas cylinder trolleys.

BS 2483:1977. Specification for overbed tables.

BS 5452:1977. 
Specification for hospital hollow-ware made of plastics material.

BS 5452:1977. 
Specification for hospital hollow-ware made of plastics material.

BS 4068:1977. Specification for hospital trolleys for instruments, dressings and for anesthetists’ use including angular trolleys.

BS 1765-2:1976. 
Specification for hospital bedside lockers. General purpose lockers of wooden construction with facilities for hanging day clothes.

BS 5402:1976.
 Specification for patient trolleys.

BS 3619:1976. 
Specification. Mobile infusion stands.

BS 3475:1976. Specification for bowl stands for use in hospitals.

BS 3622:1975. Specification for general purpose stools and anesthetists’ chairs for hospital use.

BS 1895:1973. 
Specification for metal-framed wheeled screens for use in hospitals.

BS 1823:1973.
 Specification for stainless steel hollow-ware for use in hospital operating-theatres and awards.

BS 4322:1968. Recommendations for buffering on hospital vehicles such as trolleys.

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