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China – Medical Microscopes wanted by a Nanjing Company

What the Chinese Company is looking for: The company is looking for a UK supplier of medical microscopes to be used in hospitals and disease control centres and to analyse tissue slices, observe cells, and observe microscope slides.

The UK company should:

  • have several years of experience in this area
  • have a strong interest in establishing a long-term working relationship with the Nanjing company

Next Steps – what you need to do now!

Please send the following information to CBBC (Jenny Jiang; Amy Wang) by 31st August 2018; including but not limited to:

  • an introduction of your company and your offer (preferably in Chinese)
  • an e-brochure of your products or marketing materials with photographs

The process

Upon receipt, CBBC will forward your information and contact details to the Chinese company. Within four weeks, the Chinese company will select the companies that most closely match its requirements and will notify CBBC of its selection. CBBC will notify you of the Chinese company’s decision. If positive, further discussion will take place with CBBC concerning the next steps taken. Discussion will focus on ow to make a direct introduction to the Chinese client, as well as the support you require throughout negotiations.

Read CBBC’s China Business Handbook here.

Key Questions to Consider:

  • Have you ever exported to China?
  • If you current export to other countries, which region?
  • How much research have you done into the China market?
  • Have you identified which cities or regions to target in China?
  • How do you plan to enter the China market?
  • Are you aware of cultural differences and communication challenges when doing business with China?
  • Have you protected your IP in China?


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