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Disposable Medical Instruments – more options for customised packs

Following discussions with clinicians, Disposable Medical Instruments (DMI) has added a selection of key new items to its range, meaning an even wider variety of single-use medical instruments and consumables can be specified by clients and incorporated into its sterile customised packs. The newest addition to its product portfolio is the popular FUKISHIMA-Design suction cannula, which has a teardrop-shaped suction interrupter for extremely fine suction control.

DMI currently offers over 500 combinations of medical instruments and consumables, but this number is growing as Trusts find the single-use option increasingly appealing, and the demand for customised packs grows, with end-users requesting an ever-increasing range of instruments. DMI responds to this by regularly sourcing or designing and manufacturing new items, so it always ready to meet these demands. Prior to an order being placed, DMI works closely with clients to put together a customised sample non-sterile pack, so they can be sure of ordering exactly the right items.  This supports the NHS as it works to save money and avoid waste, and frees up CSSDs to work on more complex equipment.

DMI carries a large stock of medical instruments at its UK headquarters, and as it is also able to undertake Ethylene Oxide sterilisation, Class 7 cleanroom packing and global distribution from the same facility, it can guarantee a rapid turnaround on all orders.  This streamlines the entire process, meaning clients’ needs are met as quickly and effectively as possible.

To find out  more contact Yvonne Valentine, Disposable Medical Instruments 01284 750 762 or click here to email or visit their website here.

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