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Graphene-based testing device that diagnoses microorganism- induced diseases

A research team from a Polish university, composed of people active in the fields of nanotechnology, biomaterials, electronic engineering and medicine, has developed an electrochemical testing device with graphene-based sensing electrodes for medical purposes. The device diagnoses various diseases by detecting the DNA of microorganisms causing them, and can be used to monitor the health of a patient by measuring blood glucose levels.

The authors of the biosensor would like to see their invention introduced to the market. Therefore they are offering it under licensing agreement to manufacturers of medical devices. Besides buying the license, a partner is expected to mass-produce the device, distribute it through his channels, gather feedback from customers and share it with the creators, so that they can improve their device. In turn, the authors will help adapt the offered technology for mass production.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please email Mike Brown, quoting the reference number TOPL20171107001.

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