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Hybrid nano-objects for medical imagery and drug delivery

A French university laboratory specialised in chemistry and biotechnology has patented a method to produce nano-objects with specific properties and dedicated functions. They are in the shape of an aqueous core wrapped in hybrid shells. The core can encapsulate a fluorescing agent or an active pharmaceutical ingredient for therapy. The ferromagnetic nanoparticle shell is useful as a contrast agent for magnetic resonance imagery.

The French Laboratory is mainly looking for partners such as SMEs or start-ups in the fields of drug delivery, therapy, imagery, oncology, and nanomedicine in order to create an R&D partnership that will be financially supported by the French university and with the aim of leading to a licence agreement in the future. The laboratory is open to further research cooperation with companies in the medical sector or other areas.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please contact Mike Brown, quoting the reference number TOFR20171114001.

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