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Medilink UK – Supporting the Life Science Industry Accredited Credentialing Register (LSI)

A group of Life Science industry associations – including Medilink UK – came together to form the Life Science Industry (LSI). They have since been working in collaboration with the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) to develop the UK’s first fully accredited register for Life Science industry staff who interact with NHS front-line staff and patients, helping to reassure and give confidence to those groups when working with the certified individual and their company.

This register meets the Professional Standards Authority’s standards for governance, education and training, register management complainants handling and risk management. It sets national standards for healthcare professionals working in life sciences and already has over 1000 individuals going through the registration process. This includes the University Hospitals of Birmingham, who will be the first trust to formally begin using the register as their primary method of accreditation, from July 2019 onwards.

Medilink UK is one of the industry associations that have collaborated with the AHCS to provide an accredited mechanism for hospital trusts to use to confirm the identity, credentials and training status of industry individuals that visit their sites. Development of the LSI Register was funded by life science industry associations – including Medilink UK – and is being run by the AHCS on a not for profit basis. Dr Darren Clark, CEO of Medilink East Midlands, is a member of the registration council, which oversees the operation and governance of the LSI Register.

For more information on the Life Science Industry Register, visit – click here

To sign up to the LSI register, consult the LSI User Guide for more information.

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