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Medipal® 3in1 Disinfectant Wipes champion new EN 16615:2015 Standard

Pal International, the Midlands-based innovator of infection prevention products, has combined the launch of its latest product with a campaign to raise awareness of the first real-world European test for chemical disinfectant wipes. These wipes are widely and increasingly used in healthcare environments, but until the introduction of EN 16615:2015 there was no dedicated efficacy testing for such wipes.

Responding to healthcare market demand for a robust single product, the company has applied its technical expertise, as well as an understanding of the strict regulations surrounding the use of disinfectant chemicals, to introduce the Medipal 3in1 disinfectant wipe which complies with the new standard. Also known as the 4-field test, the application of EN 16615:2015 requires products to achieve a 99.999% reduction for bacteria and a 99.99% reduction for yeast.  However, the standard, developed by German experts and applicable EU-wide, has so far gained little attention or adoption in the UK.

Speaking after the launch of their new product, Alex Brucciani, Managing Director for Pal International commented: “I am struck by the confusion in the market regarding the correct regulatory standard to follow in any purchasing decisions. Whilst there is a 3-Stage Test for disinfectant wipes, it has not been adopted by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) to become an EN standard. EN16615 has however been approved, making it the reference standard for testing disinfectant wipes.”

The application of disinfectant wipes across near-patient surfaces is coming under increasing scrutiny by health professionals who need innovative products to keep ahead of bacterial resistance whilst also offering value-for-money. The recent UN declaration to rid the world of drug-resistant infections commits the 193 countries to greater surveillance and regulation of antimicrobial medicines, to innovate for new antibiotics and to educate health professionals and the public to prevent the spread of ‘super-bugs’. An estimated £1 billion a year is spent by the NHS in combatting hospital acquired infections (HCAIs) and about one third of healthcare-associated infections can be prevented.

Céline Hathaway, Head of Healthcare Division for Pal International says: “Heads of infection prevention and control are telling us that more needs to be done to highlight the importance of the new EN standard. We took the work of compliance experts into consideration when developing the Medipal 3in1 disinfectant wipe, and now wish to share our understanding about why the rigorous testing process is so significant in cutting down the likelihood of infection spread. Over the coming months we will be speaking and writing about the standard to help colleagues avoid any further confusion.”

Pal International launched its latest product under the Medipal® brand in September. The 3in1 is a cleansing, disinfectant and sporicidal wipe made from TRITEX® advanced material. It complies with the latest EN standards whilst offering short contact time, making it very practical for hospital ward and care home environments.

To find out more about the EN 16615:2015 standard, email info@palinternational.com.

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