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Meet Millie, a bra you can help bring to market

Millie is a bra designed especially for women who have been through breast cancer treatment who want comfort and style. It’s taken over a year to perfect the Millie prototype, and now they’re ready to take millie to market, by pre-selling the bra on Kickstarter from Monday 27 February.

Help get the Mille Kickstarter funded

Sue Pringle, founder of Mille Lingerie, would like to ask for a helping hand from you. Their target in 2017 is £30,000, and to reach our goal they need approximately 800 backers, so need a really wide reach.  As one of the key business communities in Nottingham where millie was conceived, Sue hopes that you’ll support them by sharing their story with your community and networks.

The project development has been achieved in collaboration with key organisations and individuals in the city of Nottingham, notably:

• Medilink – by awarding grant funding for prototype development
• NBV – ongoing business support
• Nottingham Trent University – placement of three graduate interns, BAHons Fashion Marketing Communications. Plus ERDF funding for partner work within the university
• Ingenuity Network – ERDF funded events and training to support startup
• Left Lion – filming and producing our Kickstarter video
• Knox Design  – facilities to film and host our focus groups
• Press for Attention – PR support
• Nottingham Hospitals Charity – partnering some of our Kickstarter rewards
• Nottingham City Council – funding the Biocity Business Accelerator where this all began

The Kickstarter goes live on Monday 27 February. To view the Millie Lingerie website, and details of how you can get involved, please click here.

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