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JensonR+ is a technical consultancy with a simple mission; they aim to promote better health through simplifying the journey from innovation to the marketplace.

Tel: 0194 920 469


Tel: 0114 285 3376


Documentation for end users and for professionals at all levels, and for marketing/regulatory support. Services include planning, writing, illustration, design and usability testing.

Through enhanced operational efficiency, JimJam aim to improve physiotherapy provision by making it more affordable and more quickly accessible in order to ensure that MSK problems are addressed before they become long-term and chronic.

Tel: 0191 303 8071



Jubilee Electronics are specialists in the design, manufacture and commissioning of electronic systems.  They design and manufacture innovative products for a wide range of applications and industries.

Tel: 01909 591 612


JWQC have the QP(IMP), QA and microbiology expertise to advise and facilitate the GMP elements of your QMS, including CMO audit, supplier qualification, quality and technical agreements, and PSF development.

Tel: 01858 469 636