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TBAT Innovation specialises in; I) accessing grant funding for product research and development across a number of sectors including health, and II) assisting with R&D Tax Credit claims.

Tel: 01509 670610


Technical Absorbents manufacture SAFTM (Super Absorbent Fibre) and a wide range of SAFTM superabsorbent fabrics for sue within medical applications.

Tel: 01472 245 205


Tel: 01482 461 880


Independent from the major banks and finance companies, TeleLease provides finance for sole traders, partnerships and companies to purchase or lease a wide range of business assets and equipment.

Tel: 0845 450 3105


Tetricus is a science incubation centre with 15 companies working mainly in the biosciences. Tetricus is a joint venture between three partner organisations – Dstl, GWE Business West and New Sarum Enterprises.

Tel: 01980 556 514


Binding Site strive to improve the tools available to laboratory professionals around the world for diagnosing and monitoring disease.

Tel: 0121 456 9500


The Ear Foundation is a charity providing services which ensure that all children and adults with hearing loss can hear and communicate using the latest hearing aids and implants.

Tel: 0115 942 1985


The OU Health & Wellbeing priority research area brings together a multi-disciplinary team from across the OU with external collaborators from academia, the NHS, industry and government to work together to address health challenges.

Tel: 01908 654 847


Business Engagement and Innovation Services (BEIS) aim is to deliver business engagement and knowledge transfer objectives set out in the University’s Strategic Plan 2010-15 and contribute expertise and guidance across the full spectrum of the University’s innovation activities.

Tel: 0115 951 5670


Proactive accountancy for small businesses working online to remove the hassle from finances.

Tel: 01264 721 670


Tel: 01484 422 556


TigTag Solutions Limited was incorporated 15th September 2014, as an assistive technology, research and development company, based in Lincoln. Dormant until 1st January 2018, ‘Activated’ and trading since 1st January 2018.

Tel: 07951 283 050


Contract Electronic Manufacturers (CEM), offering a broad spectrum of electronic assembly, complete product manufacture and full turnkey solutions.

Tel: 01332 360 884


Development of clinical solutions to address the chronic shortfall in donor tissue availability in areas such as Vascular, Wound Care and Orthopaedic medicine.

Tel: 01904 567 609


Tel: 0113 200 0500


Tookie is a healthcare product innovation business. The Tookie vest supports central lines, preventing inadvertent fall-out, affording individuals greater peace of mind, comfort and freedom to move.

Tel: 07595 469 121


Torbay Pharmaceuticals is a proud part of Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, manufacturing quality sterile pharmaceuticals for the NHS and commercial organisations.

Tel: 01803 660 091


Total Health & Wellbeing provide consultancy relating to nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements.

Tel: 01335 350 935

Tel: 0113 205 0080


Trajan focus on developing and commercialising technologies that enable analytical systems to be more selective, sensitive and specific for biological, environmental or food related measurements especially those that can lead to portability, miniaturisation and affordability.


Trio Healthcare is a developer and manufacturer of innovative, silicone-based medical devices designed for the global ostomy and wound care markets.

Tel: 01756 700 599


Tel: 01488 684 554


Production and Global Distribution of Stays-Hard, a penile support device which facilitates successful intercourse for Men who suffer from E.D. and P.E.

Tel: 0800 410 2888