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New Finger Wound Dressing

A small Irish invention company based in Wicklow, Ireland has invented a new and extremely effective finger wound dressing. The company is now making the technology available for a licensing and/or commercial agency agreement with technical assistance, with medium to large medical companies to further develop and commercialise the invention and sell into a potentially large international market.

The inventor has devised a solution that confers exceptional results utilising a unique compression approach among other elements which cannot be disclosed at this stage. Further to expressions of interest a non-disclosure agreement can be entered into to make any disclosures where appropriate.

The partner company should have a wide knowledge of surgical tape technology with an emphasis on strength of skin adhesion. A good understanding of co-construction with other materials would also be desirable.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity please contact Mike Brown, quoting the reference number TOIE20180227001.

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