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New skincare brand launches from Nottingham headquarters

Nottingham-based Snowden Healthcare has launched a new skincare range, Utopia, which it says is set to compete with leading brands such as Clarins and Clinique.

To create the new range, Snowden Healthcare worked closely with Chris Smith, the Nottingham formulation scientist who has spent over 20 years developing high performance skincare products, and whose previous work included inventing the patented anti-ageing antioxidant complex used in the renowned Boots’ No7 Protect and Perfect Serum.

The USP of Utopia is that it brings the most effective ingredients and skincare benefits from all the other leading brands into one unique range and features a unique Derma Complex of eight clinically proven, active ingredients, which has been designed to promote a glowing, youthful complexion.

Snowden Healthcare has been renowned in the industry for over 20 years as a leading mail order provider of natural health and beauty products. Inspiration to launch a new skincare brand came from Snowden Healthcare’s core customer base of mature women, as well as its current range of products, including Miracle MediGel, which uses nano-technology.

Research and development director at Snowden Healthcare, Brendan McElroy said: “We use nano-technology in our Miracle MediGel and figured the same could be used in skincare. We knew we’d be onto something great if we used the same technology to ensure Utopia was able to penetrate deep beyond the surface layers of the skin, into the epidermis and dermis layers where collagen production takes place and wrinkles start to form. It is this ability to penetrate so deeply that enables our range to restore and generate new, high quality collagen and elastin fibres from within, resulting in firmer and more youthful looking skin.”

Commercial director at Snowden Healthcare, Matt Popow, added: “Beauty and lifestyle journalists, influencers and bloggers have started receiving Utopia and we’re already getting great feedback. It is an inclusive skincare range that appeals to many, as it’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians, paraben and silicone-free and clinically tested by leading dermatologists – so we’re confident that it will do well. We are currently looking for international and UK distributors for Utopia and if companies are interested they can contact me directly.”

To find out more about Snowden Healthcare, please click here.

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