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Portable 3D microscope with size of a camera

Researchers from a Spanish university have developed a portable 3D microscope that achieves a spatial resolution better than the one obtained with other integral microscopes. The invention has a high depth of field, and it has the possibility of implementing the microscope in a very small size compared with conventional Integral microscopes. Specifically, the technology allows the manufacture of portable 3D microscopes with the size of a camera.

The invention is applicable mainly in Bio-medicine, particularly for obtaining images in which the profile of the sample is of interest or in which a depth section view is necessary, and also in Profilometry, for quality control of microelectronics and semiconductors, intra-ocular lenses and microlens testing, forensic science, etc.

The researchers are looking for companies interested in license agreements to manufacture the microscope.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please email Mike Brown, quoting the reference number TOES20170214003.

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