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Study an Executive MBA at Nottingham Business School

As of January 2018 organisations can use their apprenticeship levy to fund leadership development through Nottingham Business School’s Executive MBA programmes.

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree is the most coveted and internationally recognised post-graduate management degree and is seen as a passport to a successful management career.  At NTU we offer an Executive version of the MBA (EMBA), a programme provides a multidisciplinary qualification to enable students to move from a functionalist position to senior, strategic leadership positions in their organisation.

Who is the EMBA aimed at?

  • High performing managers with board-level aspirations
  • Healthcare and public sector managers working in complex political and government organisations
  • Entrepreneurs who want to understand the ways to grow a business
  • Successful leaders who need formal qualifications to underpin their vast experience
  • High potential middle managers

How can the EMBA be funded by the Apprenticeship Levy?

Levy paying employers: If your organisation is a levy paying employer the course fee will be covered by their apprenticeship funds, available online via  the Apprenticeship Service.

Non-levy paying employers: If your organisation does not pay the Apprenticeship Levy, they could pay just 10% of the course fee, with the government paying up to the remaining 90%.

To find out more information about the EMBA at Nottingham Business School, please click here.