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Tender Opportunity: Software and Hardware development

PHZ is the parent company of Medi Direct: a development, manufacture and distribution channel for a variety of different healthcare solutions and Tower Health which manages and operates an ecommerce pharmacy with a global distribution network.

The idea revolves on the creation of SensTrain, a sensory training device to be used for patients suffering from Phantom Limb, both lower and upper limb. The device also has applications in the field of stroke recovery.

It is envisaged that the device will be loaned to a patient for the duration of treatment (assumed as 2-3 weeks). It is intended that the therapy is to be self-administered by the patient. The device will therefore need to be;

• Rugged to withstand use/misuse by many patients,
• User friendly (for amputees), and
• Allow some form of monitoring by the therapist.

PHZ would expect the tender to be completed by a single partner organisation who could fulfill both the software and hardware development aspects of the device. We would, however, consider separate tenders for each.

The activities include:

  • Initial Industrial Design including ergonomics review
    • Mechanical concept generation
    • Develop User Workflow in conjunction with Phz Group’s Clinical Expert
    • Design Graphic User Interface (GUI)
    • Electronics architecture design and key component selection
    • Software development plan, architecture design & initial code framework
    • Regulatory activities:
  • Review of product safety against EN 60601
  • Review against EMC requirements
  • Draft requirements traceability matrix
  • Ongoing risk analysis

For further details, please contact Jason Timms, Managing Director on 0115 977 8370 or Eddie Dandy, Project Manager on 0115 784 2072.

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