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Tender Opportunity: Software Developer required

VOLMO Limited has developed proprietary software ‘ImageSim’ that can convert 3D medical images into patient models. This technology needs further development to be able use the generated models and create patient implants, stents or fixation plates virtually on the computer. We are currently  looking for a software developer to:

a) Develop an algorithm to allow the user to interactively select bone resection and then create an implant for that part based on resected geometry.
b) Implement the algorithm in C++ code using ITK/VTK/ and other relevant libraries.
c) Create an interface in python/c++ that will allow user to export this implant in 3D model  format.
d) Develop additional module in c++/python that allow user to do meshing and simulation for initial testing virtually.
e) Integration of a, b, c, d, into the current version of ImageSim software.

We will consider quotations form service providers for single or multiple elements of the work. For further information please contact A Harkara by clicking here.

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