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Tender Opportunity: Software Development, Mechanical Hardware Prototypes & Electronics Hardware

Neater Solutions are requiring work for 2 projects, the first is for their electronic programmable Neater Eater device. Specifically they require:

Software Development

Develop existing ARM Keil MDK firmware for a robotic application linked to an Android App. Work to include

  • debugging, editing, re-writing and documentation of firmware for robot charger Li-ion battery management
  • variables saving
  • mode switching for motor power activation/deactivation after movements
  • motor calibration/datum setting
  • refinement of motor movements and;
  • generation of straight line and shaped movements from multiple motor movements

Rewriting software for media file management and training of the client to enable navigation of the software and firmware and adjustment of relevant parameters.

Neater Solutions are also requiring work for their Powered Arm Support project.  The current design is very effective but needs a design update to make it more aesthetically acceptable and also to fit modern wheelchairs and to enable wheelchairs with the arm support fitted to fit into certain spaces such as some vehicles.  Neater Solutions are seeking quotes for the following work:

Mechanical Hardware Prototypes

Supply of 20 Neater Arm Support hardware including all components and assembly of several stages of prototype units.

Electronics Hardware

To design and develop electronic circuit board for NAS. Design the drive board for up to two motors from a single control unit. Control is via toggle switch input for up and down direction. Control software for position and speed control of the motors.

  • ARM firmware development for control circuit.
  • Bluetooth development for communication to android device for device settings and setup.
  • Android application for user interface.
  • Circuit design of prototype pcb and build boards for testing purposes.
  • Re-design PCB and circuit after initial testing for final design.
  • Hardware and mechanical design.
  • Production support and first off market ready product

For further information please click here to email Jon Michaelis.

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