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The NHS’ 31 March deadline for e-ordering has now passed… are you compliant?

Suppliers needed to show to NHS buyers that they can receive purchase orders in PEPPOL format, and send back an invoice by 31st March 2018, with a final deadline of September 30th 2018.

PEPPOL is the system the NHS has mandated for e-Procurement and e-Invoicing, as well as the international GS1 standard, and enables the NHS and its private providers to share electronic trading documents over a European-wide network – providing a standardised network for electronic ordering, invoicing and shipping.

Medilink member Kodit, through partnership with IBM, have developed an international solution with two options; to either integrate PEPPOL into companies’ existing ordering systems or to provide access to their own PEPPOL portal.

This portal is priced at £495 per year and comes with a licence and 100 messages. Further message packs can be purchased, and the software can be ready to use within five days of its set up, the latter solution also means companies can avoid integration costs.

Further detail around PEPPOL compliance can be found in an online video, which can be viewed here. You can also find out more on the Kodit website.

To contact the company, please email Craig Story or call 01244 940 181.

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