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Transporting Drugs Safely and Securely

Leicestershire based Uvamed Ltd have been working alongside local anaesthetists and pharmacists, to find solutions for safe auditable storage and transportation of controlled drugs between secure locations.

The new Tamper Evident Rainbow Tray™ is proving to be the ideal solution, allowing anaesthetists and nurses to draw up their drugs in advance and secure them for future use, whilst also supporting the critical care colour labelling system.

These new trays are part of the established Rainbow Trays™ system that integrates the critical care syringe labelling colours into a standardised and segregated tray. The tray system comprises three trays for anaesthetists to clearly separate routine, local and emergency drugs and sections to separate by drug type according to the ISO critical care colour guidelines from RCoA.

Keith Fawdington, managing director of Uvamed Ltd explained some of the benefits “Drug preparation and administration presents a particular challenge, most drugs are prepared on the day and in a relatively short period of time and sometimes not for immediate use such as emergency drugs. Our Tamper Evident Rainbow Tray™ design allows the anaesthetist to confirm the authenticity of the tray contents and access them in a timely manner as soon as they are needed. They are suitable for use where expired or unused drugs need to be safely returned to the pharmacy and the auditable tamper proof label gives clear chain-of-custody information about dispensation and expiry as required by accountable officers.”

For pharmacists, the trays are easy to prepare and store. Each customised label verifies the contents, origination and destination whilst referencing the original prescription. Ideal for dispensing to multiple locations and completing audit trails as required.

The trays are also ideal for emergency departments where drugs can be easily identified and accessed whilst remaining secure.

Uvamed Ltd are members of Medilink East Midlands and finalists for the last two years in the business awards innovation category. Uvamed are dedicated to delivering healthcare innovations specifically driven by a need to improve standards, working conditions and patient safety. Their criterion is to address clinical needs and concerns and, through innovation create products that healthcare professionals actually want and need.

To find out more about Uvamed Ltd, please go to www.uvamed.net


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