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Two Accelerator Alumni

Two years apart 

The unique tools of the BioCity business accelerator support innovation, growth and success across all industry sectors and accelerating businesses, regardless of company age, experience or time commitments.

To date, Biocity accelerator alumni range from technology inventors, industrial scientists and students with just the spark of an idea, to university spin outs and established companies developing new products and services or looking to change core strategies. Two of these alumni are Chris Genders and Alex Nash:

Chris Genders, CEO of Gendius Ltd, attended the DEVELOP programme in 2015.

“The Accelerator Programme gives you the ability to frame your business idea in a language that resonates with investors, be they government, angels or venture capitalists. Becoming familiar with the principles of Lean Start-up and the Business Canvas were critical in securing funding for us. It gives you a great opportunity to build your network which is massively valuable.” 

The DEVELOP programme enables entrepreneurs to further expand and apply their knowledge whilst engaging with industry professionals that can offer the support they need, to get their feet off the ground.

Alex Nash, founder and managing director of Alcuris, completed the BioCity Accelerator in 2017.

“The Accelerator Programme encouraged me to constantly challenge my own assumptions, and to ensure that these could be backed up with valid market research”

Since the Accelerator Programme, Alcuris have received an Innovate UK grant, attracted private investment and are currently working with local authorities to start product trials in spring 2018.

“We gained a deeper understanding of our own business, as well as making significant contacts through the BioCity network.”

The BioCity business accelerator programme features three distinct stages, each designed to specifically support ventures at every stage (SPARK, DEVELOP and LAUNCH); winners enjoy free accommodation and one-to-one coaching at a BioCity campus with investment available for the most promising opportunities.

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